Indoor Flea Treatment and Crawlspaces

Fleabuster Flea Powder

Fleabusters Flea Powder

Available in two sizes, a 3-lbs container, and a 5-lbs container. The product label states a maximum application rate of 1 pound per 300 sq ft of carpeting. When used by a professional pest control company, this same 3-lbs jar is used to appropriately treat 4-5 rooms of carpet, or about 1500 sq ft. 1 pound for every 300 sq ft is the maximum you should use, but you can successfully use less, which is what most people do. A 5 lbs container is needed for larger houses, or for people who just want a little extra for future use, carpet spills, or for treating crawlspaces. We strongly suggest you also treat a dirt crawlspace underneath your home of you have one. Please read about the crawlspace protocol if you have one.

Crawlspaces, Basements, Garages, and other Concrete Floors

Sometimes fleas will develop on concrete floors in basements and garages. Other difficult areas can be found in a dirt cavity such as a crawlspace under a home. Ground vermin of different types often squeeze in to crawlspaces, and are frequently the original source of the flea problem. Treating a crawlspace requires extra equipment, and an additional product. Consider the below protocol for treating flea infestations in these areas.

3-lbs Fleabuster Flea Powder

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5-lbs Fleabuster Flea Powder

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Essentria D

Essentria D dust

Maintaining an environmentally friendly treatment protocol is important with a crawlspace, as 40% of the air in a home comes directly from the crawlspace. We suggest mixing equal parts Fleabusters Flea Powder with Essentria D, disbursing the powder with the hand pump blower. Essentria D is a powdered botanical product which contains Soybean Oil and Eugenol, which is extracted clove oil.

1-lbs Essentria D

Crawlspace/Attic Powder Pump

The Gilmour powder duster can be used to treat hard to reach areas in a crawlspace, attic, or similar cavity. These can also be used to effectively broadcast powder over an area such as concrete surfaces found in basements and garages.

Crawlspace/Attic Powder Pump

Beneficial Nematodes

Flea Nematodes
Steinernema Carpocapsae

Available in 25 million and 50 million packs. A 25 million pack can cover up to a half acre. The 50 million pack is actually two 25 million packs. Apply one now, and the second a month later if you feel you might have a more severe problem; or use both packages together for covering up to an acre, or for more severe problems where fleas are visible in the yard. We suggest focusing treatment on areas that are shaded for at least a portion of the day.

25 Million Beneficial Nematodes

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50 Million Beneficial Nematodes

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