1. Can this product be used around pets and children?
Children and pets should not be in treatment area during application but can come in immediately following application. For instance, most people wait in one room while the rest of the home is being treated.

2. Can this product be used by pregnant women?
Consult your personal physician.

3. Can I use this on my pet?
No. This product is strictly for use to control fleas in the home. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend the best treatment for your pets.

4. Will this stain my carpets, furniture, etc?
Our product has a neutral pH and no acidity and has been tested and approved for use on Stain master carpets.

5. Can I apply this product right after shampooing?
Only if carpets and matting are completely dry.

6. Is it really necessary to treat under beds and furniture? My pets don’t get in those places.
Yes. It is very important. Pre-adult fleas seek darkness and will crawl under beds, furniture, etc. to escape light.

7. What about spills or pet accidents?
You can spot clean small areas of the home after treatment.