No Fleas for One Year Money-Back Guarantee!

No Fleas for One Year Money-Back Guarantee!

The environmentally-friendly professional flea treatment that works like a
scotch-guard to stop and prevent future flea infestations.

Rx for Fleas is a unique alternative to liquid pesticides and foggers. Our flea control powder cannot fail as it will kill fleas physically rather than chemically, thus fleas cannot build up an immunity to our flea treatment. Having Fleabusters treat your home for fleas once a year will prevent fleas from being able to infest your dog or cat inside the home.

Fleabusters has served millions of homes across the United States for over 20 years, and we proudly stand by our “kills fleas for one-year” money-back guarantee.

Fleabusters reserves the right to issue a six month money back guarantee on some homes with limited or no carpets. External factors beyond the control of Fleabusters are usually a contributing cause, though please note that this is a still a better guarantee than can be found anywhere else. The majority of homes are provided our standard no fleas for one year, money back guarantee.

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