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Fleabusters Flea Treatment

From carpets to hardwood flooring and outdoor environments, controlling fleas can be a phone call away. The environmentally-friendly Rx for Fleas Method will assist in protecting your family and pets from those pesky parasites, fleas. A Fleabusters Pestex trained technician willl remove the fleas in your house by applying an environmentally-friendly powder process to your carpet, area rugs, and upholstered furniture.

Our flea control technicians use special application equipment to apply our product to your home. Our product is actually less toxic than table salt. More importantly, our proprietary flea treatment does not control fleas chemically, but instead works as a physical dessicant to dehydrate the fleas life cycle and create an environment where fleas can no longer live or breed in your home. The powder has adhesive qualities, which, after being applied to your home, allow the product to resist being removed by a vacuum cleaner.

A microscopic layer of protection will remain at the base of your rugs to provide a preventative layer of protection against future flea infestations. This adhesive property of the Fleabusters flea treatment is what enables our company to offer the One Year, Money-Back Guarantee for which Fleabusters has become known among dog and cat owners. The result is a professional flea removal from your home.

Our Fleabusters flea treatment is the most comprehensive among flea exterminators in the pest control business. Typical flea pest control services using flea sprays or flea bombs only cover open and/or traffic areas. Your Fleabusters technician will carefully move furnishings such as sofas and chairs, and will use specilaized equipment to treat underneath heavy items such as beds and dressers.

The typical professional Fleabusters application involving a house with wall-to-wall carpeting takes approximately one hour, with some larger homes requiring longer. Please watch our flea control video located on the bottom right of the page for more flea control information and a brief demonstration of our unique flea extermination process.  

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